3 Advantages of Working with Movement

– Movement reflects the state of the nervous system– Attending to movement can be a healing experience that does not require analysis or interpretation– It is easier to attend to movement than to thoughts and emotions Inspired by reading article Awareness Movement and Capacity for Change which does a wonderful job highlighting connections between the Feldenkrais Method and Psychotherapy. https://iahip.org/inside-out/issue-49-summer-2006/awareness-movement-and-the-capacity-for-change-an-introduction-to-the-feldenkrais-method

This was so subtle – why do I feel so different?

One of the rewarding and motivating things about my work that is witnessing a beautiful experience of the person appreciating newly found ease, gracefulness, and a quieter, more relaxed state of being. It is especially precious to hear what people have to say when they experience this work for the first time. At the end of the session, when client sits up and shares new beautiful things they notice about… Read More »This was so subtle – why do I feel so different?