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Working deftly with a series of minute manipulations, Igor helped me explore the full potential of movement in my body. I went running after my first session, and I noticed that my body had already recalibrated itself to make the act less strenuous on my joints. Instead of pounding on the pavement like usual, my body flowed effortlessly.

–Shoan Yin Cheung, graduate student, Cornell University

I experienced the subtle work of Feldenkrais with Igor in the midst of a multi-day Contact Improvisation jam. The pace was steady, patient and I felt my body change in response to the touch and attention. Following the work I felt refreshed and deeply connected to movement of my spine and ribs. A wonderful experience!

– Karen Nelson, contact improv teacher

Igor is an extremely thoughtful and sensitive Feldenkrais Practitioner. He has a philosophical approach that helped me to re-imagine and release old habits in my moving and find more ease in dancing and in everyday life.

– Jennifer Monson, choreographer, performer, dance teacher

Igor embodies the gentle, efficient, intelligent use of the body. He is a patient, caring, always available source helping to guide me in my pursuit of dance, movement and well-being.

–John Sowinski, former soloist, American Ballet Theatre